Mar 03, 2023

As companies in Europe and beyond struggle with the impact of inflation and war on deliveries of essential goods, Reuters Events has just published a comprehensive White Paper on the outlook for European supply chains.

The paper takes a cross-industry approach to the issue and features interviews with Remo Illi, Europe regional supply chain head for Sandoz, as well as senior executives from global real estate company JLL and automobile manufacturer Volkswagen.

From the perspective of the off-patent medicines industry, Remo points to the learnings from recent unprecedented swings in demand and supply levels and highlights the need for further technological progress in the future.

And he stresses the unique challenges faced by the industry: “While pretty much everyone has been hit by the unprecedented recent levels of inflation and rising input costs, the impact on the generic medicines industry has been particularly intense … as price regulation in many markets prevents companies passing on even part of the additional cost to consumers.”

Reuters, together with JLL, surveyed more than 170 supply chain managers across the EMEA region to better understand their concerns and plans in the face of challenges, including heightened geopolitical risk, trade sanctions, high inflation, tight labor markets, energy crises, rising finance costs and weakening consumption.

Access the full report here:

Remo will also be participating in the JLL-organized “Envision Resilient EMEA Supply Chains 2023 Webinar” on March 23. You can register here to join: